Empowering Dogs and Humans Around the World

OBATS provides world-class learning opportunities to understand, prevent and reduce undesired reactivity in dogs.

What is BAT? Behavior Adjustment Training is a method that increases calm, relaxed behavior for both the dog and their humans. Through the BAT process, we create opportunities for a dog to interact organically with the environment in emotionally and physically safe ways. The result is an adaptable team that is ready for the world.

  • Learning

    We create supportive environments for deepening knowledge, practicing skills, and developing empowering behaviors through education, experience and conversation.

  • Respect

    We value an environment of participation and connection. We honor individual learning, and demonstrate compassion in our interactions with dogs or humans. Our actions and words consistently demonstrate care and concern for our students’ commitments.

  • Empowerment

    We empower people and dogs by offering information, choice, and support, all backed by the latest in science, to prevent and reduce undesired reactivity in dogs.

How does it work?

Our Staff

OBATS Faculty and Certified Instructors are highly skilled in Behavior Adjustment Training. Located around the world, we make life better for dogs and their people.

Our Curriculum

We offer BAT education for people who live and work with dogs.

Our Community

From Beginners to Professionals, we welcome you.

Our Global Connection

BAT is a universal language we can all understand. We have Certified BAT Instructors around the globe, and more trainers are working toward their certification every day.

BAT Instructor Certification Courses

There are currently no available upcoming courses.

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