Frequently Asked Questions

Our list of CBATIs is ever-expanding around the globe. CBATIs are experienced trainers certified by Grisha Stewart or the Official BAT School. Click here to find a certified trainer for help with your dog. If you don’t find a CBATI close by, please contact us to schedule a remote Behavior Adjustment Training consultation.

Our Directory of Certified Behavior Adjustment Training Instructors (CBATIs) lists the only trainers, world-wide, who have passed a rigorous theoretical exam and have been observed demonstrating correct BAT skills. You may be assured that trainers we list have been certified by Grisha Stewart or by the Official BAT School and will teach you BAT the right way.

Click here to find a CBATI. Some offer BAT Classes for dogs and handlers, most offer private sessions, and some offer both.

It varies due to individual circumstances, however most dog/handler teams experience significant progress within a few sessions. You and your CBATI will work together to determine the best training schedule for your situation.

About Our Instructor Certification

Reading¬†BAT 2.0 for Fear, Frustration, Anger¬†by Grisha Stewart, watching Grisha’s BAT 2.0 DVD series, and attending a BAT seminar or workshop is a good start. If there is a CBATI Educator near you, you might inquire about mentoring. When you have fluid BAT leash skills and a good understanding of BAT, attending a 5-day BAT Instructor Certification Course as an Auditor would be the best way to prepare to become a CBATI.

  • Trainers must pass a theoretical exam and a practical skills assessment, and have gathered 200 hours as a lead trainer using force/fear free methods.
  • Attending a BAT Instructor Certification Course as a Full Participant is highly recommended, where critical BAT skills are reviewed and practiced. The theoretical exam and observations of required skills takes place during the course. Auditors have fewer hands-on opportunities to practice, although may take the theoretical exam during the course and submit video of the required BAT skills for an additional cost at a later date.
  • If a trainer has a thorough understanding of BAT, expert BAT leash skills and feels well prepared to teach BAT correctly, they may schedule the theoretical exam orally and submit video of the required BAT skills for evaluation.

Register for a BAT Instructor Certification Course, offered a few times each year in North America and Europe, and occasionally in other countries. Most courses have international participants. If you feel your BAT skills are at the instructor level, you may instead apply online to take the theoretical exam orally (live video) and then submit a practical skills assessment video for evaluation.

Sign up for our email list to receive notifications of BAT Instructor Certification Courses, BAT Workshops and Seminars, or continue to check-in regularly to view Event updates on our website. Our courses are also announced on our Official BAT School Facebook page.

Perhaps! Our certification courses require comfortable indoor space for lectures, and quiet, open space for BAT Set-Ups. BAT Seminars and Workshops only require indoor space. Please email with your contact information if you’d like to learn more about hosting a BAT event.

Both Full Participants and Auditors attend all the lectures and observe BAT Set-Ups during a BAT Instructor Certification Course. Full Participants have more hands-on experience working with a Client and Student Dog, and Helper Dog, and are evaluated on their practical skills at the course. Both Full Participants and Auditors may take the theoretical exam during the course, but Auditors need to submit video of required BAT practicals skills for evaluation at a later date. If an Auditor chooses not to take the written exam during the course, they may pay an additional fee to take it later via a live video call.

When you register as a Full Participant, you are able to take your theoretical exam as well as your practical skills assessment at the course. If both exams are successful, and you have met the 200 training hour requirement, you will be notified within 2 weeks that you are a Certified BAT Instructor (CBATI)!

Certification as a BAT Instructor communicates to the international professional dog training community, and to the public, that you are highly skilled in this technique; you know it well, you teach it well. Additionally:

    • You will acquire a valuable life skill training tool that helps prevent and reduce over-reactivity in dogs
    • You may add the letters CBATI after your name (Ex: Liz Kemp, CBATI)
    • You will be featured in our active CBATI Directory for those searching for help with their dog
    • You can receive discounts from select vendors
    • You can expand your business by offering BAT Classes
    • You may pursue additional opportunities to teach BAT seminars and workshops as a CBATI Educator
    • You may pursue CBATI Faculty status, teaching other trainers in an Instructor Certification Course
    • You can join our CBATI Facebook Groups
    • Free professional membership in Grisha’s Animal Building Blocks Academy with accompanying discounts on her webinars and courses
    • You may pursue additional opportunities to
    • You will receive referrals from OBATS, Grisha Stewart, and other CBATIs
    • You may use the CBATI logo on your website
    • You will become part of a welcoming, supportive community of professional dog trainers

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