Can't make it to an Instructor Course?

  • You can apply for a BAT online certification.
  • 01. Submit Your Proof of Experience

    At least 100 hours as the main trainer* for dogs other than your own, specifically focusing on rehabilitating fear, frustration, or aggression. This does not need to be with BAT, just progressive/force-free methods.

    The balance of the hours can be accrued doing regular dog training and behavior modification as the lead trainer for dogs other than your own.

    OBATS recognizes the hard work and time involved in securing other certifications within the dog training community. Therefore, if you are current in one of our approved lists of certifications, you may submit your Membership ID as Proof Of Experience.

    Click here to complete the Training Logs or to see the approved list of industry certifications.

  • 02. Schedule The Theoretical Exam

    With the BAT Online Certification Process, the Theoretical Exam is conducted by Video Conference as a Q&A. Think of it as an interview with our proctor asking questions and you answering.  We use the free application, Zoom, so you’ll need to have a secure wifi connection and video/camera capability. When you complete registration, we’ll coordinate the best day and time for your interview.

  • 03. Submit your Practical Skills Assessment Videos

    The PSA is a video case study compilation demonstrating your skills in four areas: Client Interview, Leash Skills, BAT Set-Up, Mark & Move. Video gives you the opportunity to showcase your skills in these areas, and allows us to see that you know BAT well, and you can instruct it well. There are specific requirements for the videos so be sure to read the PSA Requirements Handout and follow the instructions.

* ‘main trainer’ or ‘lead trainer’ is defined as: a person who is responsible for all aspects of a training session with someone else’s dog, including safety measures for dog and humans, training direction to clients, adopters, and/or assistants, and training direction with student dog(s). Lead trainer must act in accordance with the principals of progressive reinforcement training and be able to provide proof of lead training hours if requested.

Ready to Apply?

Click here to complete the BAT Online Certification Registration Form to begin the process!

What is the process if I apply this way?

Submitting Your Practical Skills Assessment

As part of your certification, the PSA allows us to do an evaluation of your work in using Behavior Adjustment Training with a Client and their Dog.  A passing PSA evaluation is required in determining certification as a BAT Instructor.

What does the Practical Skills Assessment address?

The PSA Video assesses your practical capabilities as a Trainer to apply BAT as a protocol for a Client.

How does one complete a PSA for submission?

With today’s technology, submitting a PSA can be fairly easy. You can record the work using your smartphone and upload it to Dropbox.