About Behavior Adjustment Training

  • What is BAT?

    Behavior adjustment training (BAT) is a training method that increases calm, relaxed behavior for both the dog and their human. Through the BAT process, we create opportunities for a dog to interact organically with the environment in emotionally and physically safe ways. The result is an adaptable team that is ready for the world.

  • BAT Empowers Dogs to Choose Calm Behavior Over Undesired Reactivity.

    We create an environment where a dog uses time and distance to adjust to the presence of a trigger. Instead of overreacting, BAT dogs calmly disengage and peacefully move on.

  • BAT Builds Confidence.

    The BAT program is designed to keep dogs and people safe. BAT dogs learn they can defuse a situation they find stressful, which allows curiosity and confidence to replace barking and lunging. This foundation prepares them to be resilient when facing future challenges.

  • BAT Training Builds Communication and Trust.

    When communication between a dog and handler is clear, their relationship develops greater trust. BAT teaches people how to better understand a dog’s subtle body language, how to use leash skills that enable good choices, and how to create environments that set a dog up for success.

  • BAT Reduces Stress.

    BAT is a natural dog training method that enables an emotionally safe interaction with minimal intrusion. The absence of distress is an essential component of BAT. BAT training makes new, better choices available resulting in a more assured, relaxed team.

  • BAT has a Fast Learning Curve.

    It works with a dog’s natural repertoire of desirable behaviors and requires minimal pre-training to begin the rehabilitation process.

  • Learning

    We create supportive environments for deepening knowledge, practicing skills, and developing empowering behaviors through education, experience and conversation.
  • Respect

    We value an environment of participation and connection. We honor individual learning, and demonstrate compassion in our interactions with dogs or humans. Our actions and words consistently demonstrate care and concern for our students’ commitments.
  • Empowerment

    We empower people and dogs by offering information, choice, and support, all backed by the latest science, to prevent and reduce undesired reactivity in dogs.
  • Meet the Founder of BAT, Grisha Stewart

The ABC’s of BAT

  • Antecedent:

    Behavior Adjustment Training intentionally creates a safe way for you and your dog to practice making good choices when in the presence of a trigger.

  • Behavior:

    The dog and handler move about peacefully.

  • Consequence:

    A confident, adaptable team ready for the world.

Pros of the BAT Method

  • It can be done without the use of food or a clicker.
  • It may be used as prevention before reactivity develops without the risk of sensitization.
  • It’s what dogs can naturally do when given the chance to make good choices supported by their humans.
  • It can be done almost anywhere, anytime, at any age.